Served 9am to 2:30pm


Chocolate Potato Doughnut
Maple Bacon Wrapped Dates
Erin’s Sweet Biscuits
   viridian farm strawberries. whipped cream
Tasty’s Housemade Granola
Baked Cherries. taleggio. grilled bread
Dutch Baby
    lemon curd. raspberry jam
Bambino Plate
    scrambled eggs. bacon. biscuit
    royal's honey butter

Opened Faced Monte Cristo
   spiced maple
Grilled Asparagus*
   bacon. parmesan. sunny egg
   sauteed seasonal vegetables. creme fraiche
   parmesan. basil. calabrian chili. over easy egg*

Cast Iron Fritatta
   english peas. buttered leeks. asparagus
   castelvetrano olives. herbed goat cheese
Potatoes Bravas*
   over easy egg. aioli
Polenta n Sausage Ragu*
    mozzarella. over easy egg


Simple Greens
   honey viognier vinaigrette
   parmesan. sicilian olives. croutons


Breakfast Board
Fried Egg n Cheddar Biscuit*
    choice of:  fried chicken. house cured
    bacon. house sausage

Tasty Muffin*
   griddled ham. fried egg. caramelized
   onions. pickles. pimento cheese

French Tunisian Merguez Frites Sandwich
    baguette. harissa mayo
East Carolina Cheesesteak
   shoestring fries
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
   house pastrami. shoestring fries
Tasty Bacon Burger*
    beecher's cheddar or smoked blue cheese
    shoestring fries


Smoked Salmon Hash*
    horseradish creamover easy egg
    baked eggs n tomato stew
    add merguez sausage

Burmese Red Pork Stew*
   short grain. rice. eggs two ways
Delicias Breakfast
    pork chile colorado. cowboy beans
    tortillas. over easy eggs

Boudin Blanc Sausage Omelette
   asparagus. dijon. truffle cheese
Chicken Fried Pork Cutlets*
   venison gravy. over easy egg. biscuit
Tasty Steak & Cheddar Eggs*
    cornmeal pancake. jalapeno butter
Auntie Paula's French Toast
     rhubarb maplewhipped cream
Griddled Ingrid's Rum Cake
     griddled banana. bacon
     cheech and chong style


Shoestring Fries
Maple & Cumin Glazed Yams
House Kimchee
Cowboy Beans  
Sauteed Spinach. sunny egg*
Grilled Asparagus. parmesan



Greta Garbo
grand marnier. cranberry liqueur. lemon oil

The Seelbach
bourbon. combier orange. peychaud's. angostura bitters

Citrus Paradiso
tequila. pamplemousse. lime. orange bitters


Rumble Bee
plantation 5 year rum. apricot liqueur
honey. coffee. whipped cream

Capone Cafe
rye whiskey. aperol. salted maple. coffee. whipped cream 

Sonoran Sun
reposado tequila. fernet. coffee mole. soda. cream


Tasty Mary
vodka. tomato. worcestershire. horseradish
lemon. lime. sriracha. celery salt. celery. house pickles

Dim Summore
vodka. tomato. hoisin. lime. sriracha. ginger

El Fuego
tequila. vida mezcal. tomato. orange. lime. scrappy's firewater bitters. chiles. alder smoked salt

Maiken Tasty
aquavit. tomato. worcestershire. horseradish. lemon
dill. house pickles

Make it a....
Tasty Jerk add house made beef jerky
Midwestern add a beer back