Served 5:00 pm to close


Simple Greens
cucumber. red onion. honey viognier vinaigrette
    parmesan. sicilian olives. croutons
Iceberg Wedge
    smoked blue cheese. sunflower seeds
    bacon lardons. onion rings

Green Goddess
    cucumber. almonds. butter lettuce
Fried Green Tomatoes. remoulade
Hermiston Watermelon
    ricotta salata. mint. bbq sunflower seeds
Green Romano Beans.  
   tomato jam. toasted benne seeds

Grilled Peaches
    burrata. mizuna. vincotta. speck


Southern Style House Pickles
Maple Bacon Wrapped Date. almond
Beer Battered Cod Slider. tynan’s american cheese

Slider Burger "chateau blanc"
    house roll & tynan's american
    house cheese

Hush Puppies. jalapeno butter
Roasted Eggplant Dip. benne seed rolls
Shrimp Toast. benne seeds. pickled fennel
Johnny Cake. 
   pork belly. sunny side up egg. sorghum syrup 
Roasted Bone Marrow
   pickled mustard seed .capers. texas toast
Low Country Meat & Cheese Board


Smoked Fish Board
    house smoked idaho trout
Octopus a la Plancha.
    grilled corn relish. pecan romesco. hot link

Peel & Shrimp. old bay. cocktail sauce
Shrimp & Grits. tasso ham. piperade. celery salad
Beer Battered Cod. remoulade
Steamed Manila Clams. 
   white wine. tasso ham. grilled bread




Low Country Boil
   crawfish. shrimp. hot link. potatoes. corn
Alabama BBQ Chicken
   white barbeque sauce. house pickles
Lamb Sugo. pappardelle. manchego
Mary's Fried Chicken
    original or red hot
Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs
    chipotle. shaved onion. texas toast
Tasty Pork Chop. cider brined. bacon jam
Flat Iron Steak.* oxtail demi-glace. shallot-thyme butter
New York Strip* 
    red onion marmalade. casatica di buffalo
That's One Big-Ass Steak!*
    cowboy ribeye. bbq butter


Biscuit. royal’s honey butter
Collard Greens. bacon. maple syrup
Cheesy Grits. beecher’s cheddar. jalapeno
Skillet Potatoes. fresh herbs. fry sauce
Skillet Corn Cake. jalapeno butter
Team Ron's Mashed Potatoes. oxtail gravy
Red Beans & Carolina Gold Rice. andouille sausage
Tynan's Mac & Cheese
Cajun Mac & Cheese. hot link sausage. cajun seasoning